My mission is to bring you the best professional quality animal products in the world.

The services and products Humane Innovations brings to the animal care, control and pet care industries are the result of the more than 16 years of experience of its founder, John Peaveler (that's me!). I began my career by co-founding an animal welfare organization in Kuwait and eventually branched out as an international animal rescue and disaster responder and organizational leader. I have led the San Diego Humane Society Emergency Response Team and worked with thousands of animals across dozens of species globally. My extensive experience with many types of animals eventually led to my position as a notable animal capture and handling instructor, manufacturer, and rescue consultant.

While working in South Korea to shut down dog meat farms and rescue their occupants, I began to work on improvements to animal handling products. Many of the currently available products simply did not adequately meet the needs of hard working professionals in the field who strive to be safe and humane in the most difficult of circumstances. Humane Innovations is determined to deliver tools that perform when they are needed. As a result, I am confident you won’t find a better quality or more versatile product anywhere. Whether you are an animal handling professional or just a serious animal lover, I strive to deliver top quality products you can trust. 
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Safety Disclaimer: Humane innovations LLC is committed to using only top-quality components. Our choice of climbing and rescue-grade ropes gives you the form and function you need for animal handling. Our products should NOT be used for any load-bearing or life saving functions. Rope strength varies by manufacturer, but our hardware and fittings are only rated for normal, reasonable, non-technical animal handling activities.

Limited Lifetime Warranty: Humane innovations warranties all products against manufacturer defects. Normal wear and tear, dog chews, and corrosion are not covered.

Care Instructions: Our ropes are inherently resistant to UV and water. They clean easily with warm, soapy water. We recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight when not in use to prevent color fading.

-Special Category U.S. Veteran Owned Business
-Made in America using 90% US made materials
-All products Vegan

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